Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept pretty much anything except an IOU. We accept cash, all major credit cards, checks, money orders and we even take crypto currency. If you ever need to send us Paypal, please direct those payments to [email protected].

Please do NOT email us your credit card info, that’s not safe. But if you want to call and give us your card number over the phone we can do that as well. Reach out with any questions you may have.


All of our products have different production times, but in general the orders that you get to choose custom colors or styles will be created as ordered. Those are 1-3 days production time.

Banners are 3 days production, 2-4 days for delivery depending on your location in relation to our shop in Ohio.

Clothing orders are all custom so factor in artwork time and confirmation of the design with you personally, time to get your custom sized clothing in stock, and time to print/press the clothing. We will inform you of turn around times when you order clothing.


We always put insurance on items that have a value higher than $50 that would normally be included as part of priority packages. Shipping insurance only applies to lost or damaged items. Carriers use handheld scanners that verify where items are delivered. If they can prove they delivered an item to your address but the package is missing due to theft, insurance does NOT cover this. If someone steals your mail it is a federal crime and it should be reported. We cannot reimburse or replace the stolen items at our cost since we did our part, as did the shipping carrier. Please let us know if this happens.

For lost or damaged packages, please reach out to us immediately and we are more than happy to help you resolve the issue quickly.


Due to the various prices for shipping across the planet we have to custom quote international orders.Prices start around $14 but could be as high as $45 depending on the amount of insurance you require (based on the $$ value of what you purchase)

To request an international shipping quote, please take a screenshot of your shopping cart contents and email us you shipping address and we can tell you what shipping will cost and send an invoice for the order.

We typically use USPS but we can also use FedEx or UPS international service by request.


We are always experimenting and trying to find the right films for your application. We can use anything by special request, we buy materials from various vendors globally. While we do like 3M films, we find there are other films that offer better air egress (venting to prevent bubbles) on specific surfaces. Our aim is to always give you what suits your application the best. You may find a lot of our small and lower priced decals are still made with high quality autmotive wrap films. We only use higher quality materials. If you receive an order and have any issues with it, please let us know. We want to hear from you about how your order performed for you and help to resolve any problems you have.



We encourage customers to reach out to us with any questions you may have about a product before you purchase. We do our best to accomodate any order changes that come up within a reasonable time frame and we try to do our best for every order. If something is wrong with an item you received, please reach out to us and we will find a solution to resolve the problem.


One of the biggest questions we get is “I messed up my decal when I tried to put it on, can I get another”. First, let’s discuss what all you can do with wrap film. You could essentially scrunch and stretch vinyl and still save it. So if you make a mistake putting a decal on, try to slowly remove it by pulling (not too hard that it can rip) and once you get the decal off… place it printed side facing down on a flat/clean surface. Get a hair dryer and heat up the decal for 15-30 seconds and you will see the vinyl shrink back to its original shape and size. Wrap film has a memory built into the fibers and they always try to return to that shape.

If you struggled installing it the first time, consider spraying water with a few drops of soap like dawn mixed into it. Then apply over the wet surface and use a squeegee to slowly push the water out from the center to the edge. If you have to remove and reinstall multiple times it’s a good idea to use the hair dryer or heat gun to heat it up once it’s on the intended surface to lock in the shape and position. This will prevent fingering (edfges trying to stretch back) later on.

We’re a call away, ask us for help if you have questions.


Pretty much anything! Do you have a specific font, color or style you need? Call or email us and ask. We’ll do everything we can to get you what you need. There are thousands of different colors of vinyl, custom color matching via prints etc. We encourage to ask us about whatever you need. If we can’t get you what you need, maybe we know someone who can!