1/10 Scale Buggy Street Stock Number Sets


Each car numbers kit comes with a 3″ tall roof number and two 2.25″ tall door numbers.
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Our vinyl racing number kits are custom cut to your desired specs, from the font style to the colors used.  These stickers are made from outdoor vinyl and have a clear mask so you can peel and stick them to any surface. If your order includes an outline or shadow it will be 2 layers. Note, these are not printed decals so they are thicker and tougher to take more abuse. If you want to paint your numbers on the inside of the body, we have an inside mask option for this as well. We can do printed number sets as well, reach out for custom orders. Click the link below to order reverse masks to paint the numbers on the inside:
car numbers paint mask kits

Specialty films like holographic and chrome are extra.  The vinyl we use for our race car decals is 5-8 year outdoor lifespan.  Fluorescent vinyl is only rated for 1 year of direct sun exposure before fading, so keep this in mind when ordering anything with fluorescent colors.

Each car numbers kit comes with:
(1) 3″ tall roof number
(2) 2.25″ tall door numbers
(2) Driver Name roof decals
*** NOTE: driver name font will match the door number style ***

Standard: single layer, one color numbers
Spaced Outline: single layer, one color, with a blank space between number and outline
Outline: Two layers, two colors with a solid outline under primary color
Shadow + Outline: Two layers, colors of your choice. Main color + shadow and outline color

NOTE: Door numbers will be leaned in opposite directions so they lean “back”. See the number sample image above.