TruWrap RC Side Decals #1


1/4 scale mask kits are based on 25″ wheel base
1/10 scale mask kits are based on 10″ wheel base

NOTE: Each kit comes with a vinyl wrap for each side of the body. Select which version you want in the order form (ex: v1.1, v3.5 etc). The colors of the car body is for sample purposes, these are a partial wrap to dress up your side panels. If ordering numbers as well, you would apply those over the wrap.

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TruWrap RC side wrap decals come in a set of 2 decals; one for each side of the car body. You will need to paint the body and then apply the wrap to the outside. The air release vinyl will allow you to easily stretch to the contour of your body. Some trimming will be required around wheel wells. These may fit other styles of bodies but they are mainly designed for oval nascar style bodies.

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Mask Striping Size

1/10 scale, 1/4 scale, 1/8 scale